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Gallery Hotel - Singapore

  • ...that Singapore's Gallery Hotel (pictured), with its twisted cuboid form and seemingly random and multi-coloured windows, stands like a massive pop art signpost?
  • ...that gold was first discovered in Oregon in 1850 in the Illinois Valley near Cave Junction, Oregon, the same valley in which a 17-pound gold nugget was found, the largest in Oregon history?
  • ...that the ashes of hillwalker and author Alfred Wainwright lie in his favourite fell, Haystacks in the Western Fells of the English Lake District?
  • ...that Romanian writer Dumitru Ţepeneag was a founding member of the Oniric group, an avante garde aesthetic movement, which tries to describe a world which cannot be seen?
  • ...that the autobiography has been called the oldest form of Egyptian literature?
  • ...that in April 1999, Australian Justices Carolyn Simpson joined Margaret Beazley and Virginia Bell to form the first all-female bench to sit in Australia, England or New Zealand?
  • ...that singer Al Bernard, known as "The Boy From Dixie", helped popularize W.C. Handy's blues songs, and also recorded as the female half of a vocal duo with Ernie Hare? Template:-

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